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Custom Board Orders

If you are interested in having a custom board built for you, please Contact Us via the form above on this Page or email us at and we will set you up with your own custom Faceplant Boardriders shred stick!  To see the different shapes we have to offer, check out our Longboard Skateboards and Custom Order Shapes pages for specs, descriptions, pictures, and video ads.



All FB longboards/skateboards are waranteed against any defects in material or construction for 4 months (120 days) from the date of purchase. At our discretion, we will replace/repair any defect in the board in that time period.  This is all we warranty and it does not cover breakage or defects caused from intentional breakage, damages caused by running into things such as walls, curbs, cars, etc, improper installation of added accessories, chips, damages caused by landings of high impact tricks/improper foot placement, and especially wear such as nose, tail, or rail scrapes/scratches/dings from being dragged on the ground and/or impacting curbs/walls/etc, damage from exposure to extreme environments such as high heat/extreme cold, water immersion, snow, and/or rain, damages from shipping (this problem resides in the carrier).  

To place a warranty claim, simply email us at, title the email "warranty claim" and write a description of the problem you have with your board and attach photos of the said problem.  If we feel the problem is due to a manufacturer defect, we will give you a shipping address as to where to ship your board (with the sales receipt) and it will be replaced/repaired and shipped back to you free of charge. 




Rob Wheeler

Co-Owner of Faceplant Boardriders and Host of FB's Longboard Events


Ricky Wheeler

Co-Owner of Faceplant Boardriders


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