Bethesda Garage Race

 Date: TBD 2020 (rain or shine - covered garages)
Free event - multiple Chinese Downhill races
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We had a blast last year hosting 2 outlaw Bethesda Garage Races! So we're doing it again Sunday, June 2nd. Meet at Bethesda Boards around 5pm.

Chinese Downhill style racing to start. Depending on the size of the group we might break into 6 man heats! Will keep track of top 3 of each heat and award points.
Rider with the most points at the end of the night will win! Prizes for top 3 on podium.

Why come?

It's free. elevator rides to the top. Mellow speeds, long runs and tight turns with a big group of skaters. Bethesda Boards has an indoor skatepark and you could win cool stuff!

***This is an outlaw event and may have to run/skate away from security and police. Skate at your own risk - Helmet and Gloves Recommended.

meet at Bethesda Boards

4825 Fairmont Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814