King of Kings Gap (Downhill Race and Uphill Push Race)

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2017 King of Kings Gap

Open Downhill: 1st: Scott Hurdleston 2nd: Gary Enright  3rd: Leunam Segure

Junior Downhill: 1st: Troy Dycus 2nd: Hayden Knott 3rd: Rian Ciano

Uphill Push Race: 1st: Charles 2nd: Scott Hurdleston 3rd: Rob Wheeler

King of Kings Gap is BACK!  We helped organize the first Kings Gap DH & Push Race in 2014 with Nathan Sholley (former host) and we are stoked to take the reins this year.  Local shop Funtastik is sponsoring this event as they did every year since the event started.


What is it?

King of Kings Gap is an awesome 2+ mile Downhill Longboard Race where riders in heats of 3-4 go 30-35mph to see who is the fastest.  Top 2 move on to the next heat.  This is an excellent racing experience for intermediate to expert longboarders.  At the end of Downhill Racing we flip the course for the grueling Uphill Push Race!  All proceeds from the Push Race will go to the Carve 4 Cancer Foundation.


Carve 4 Cancer is a new non-profit organization dedicated to Shredding Blood Cancers through extreme snow-sports & 
action-sports events and awareness campaigns. You can check out there Facebook page, on Instagram @Carve 4 Cancer and on the website 

Junior & Open Division for DH Racing

Open Division only for Uphill Push Race

7:00-8:00am Late Registration and Rider Check In

Day of event prices: DH- $40 Push-$20
8:00am-9:00am Practice DH Runs
9:00am-11:00am DH Racing
11:00am-11:30am Uphill Push Race
11:30am-12:00pm Podium

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