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#FBsnow Winners

After 3 months of shredding the snow and sharing the moments we have found our winners for the #FBsnow competition!

Here's were rules...

1. Must be a picture or video via instagram or facebook with the (hashtag) #FBsnow.

2. The video or photo must have snow, a board of any kind, and a rider.

3. Get creative and have fun!

*Judging was based on creativity and the level of gnarly.

1st Place: Kevin Kruelle is the winner of $100 in FB credit!

2nd Place: Ryan Barrow is the winner of $50 FB credit!

3rd Place: Zach Longacre is the winner of $25 FB credit!

-type in "#FBsnow" on instagram and check out Zach Longacre 5-0 down his High School railing!

Thanks to everyone who participated! Join us again next year! While the snow is falling and covering up our roads we must find a way to get out and shred! The #FBsnow Competition is giving all you lazy longboarders the incentive to go out and play in the snow.

Time for longboarding!

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