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Mid Atlantic Longboard Series Wrap Up

Thank you so much for participating in the 2015 Mid Atlantic Series! Big Thanks to our sponsors Muirskate, Original, Sector 9, WheelRZ and Faceplant Boardriders could not have done it without their help. Hope to see everyone back in 2016! Here are the 2015 Final Results for the Series.

2015 Pro SLIDE Results 1st: Steve Fitz 43 points 2nd: Kevin Doyle 41 points 3rd: Max Alessandri 37.5 points 4th: Kardon Allard 35.5 points 5th: Aaron Gordy 30 points

2015 Amatuer SLIDE Results 1st: Chris Chopko 32.5 points 2nd: Gabe Giesing 29.5 points 3rd: Brandon Cassel 23.5 points 4th: Juan Comargo 23 points 5th: Ethan Sanchez 22 points

2015 Pro DH Results 1st: Aaron Gordy 24 points 2nd: Brandon Cassel 16 points 3rd: Steve Fitz 15 points

2015 Amateur DH Results: 1st: Austin Manning 24points 2nd: Kevin Abelman 20points 3rd: Zach Longacre 19 points

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