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Faceplant Freestyle Cup Finale

It all comes down to the last event of the series; 5th annual Skate the Cape Shred Festival on November 5-6th at Cape Henlopen State Park, DE. Riders from PA, NJ, MD, DE, VA, NC, NY, OH and CO have been competing the past 2 months at Slide Competitions (hosted by Faceplant BR)to place within the top 10 in order to earn points in the Faceplant Freestyle Cup. The stage is all set for an epic showdown on Sunday, Nov.6th (last event of Skate the Cape)for Junior and Open divisions to see who will be the first to win this "Longboard Downhill Freestyle Competiton Series."

The Open division is a tight race with PA rider Zach Longacre leading with 20.5 points and Mark Nicolaus right behind with 18.5 points. Rip the Elwood winner Kardon Allard and Bethlehem Longboard Jam winner Max Alessandri can easily take another win at Skate the Cape and add another 15 points to their overall score. You can't count out Skate the Cape local, Aaron Gordy who can place high on the podium at this final event and possibly bump into the top 3 of the series.

Scenarios: The Open Faceplant Freestyle Cup is in the hands of Longacre and Nicolaus. If Nicolaus places 1st and Longacre 2nd at Skate the Cape they will be tied at 33 points and will have to battle it out in a tiebreaker. If Kardon or Max win Skate the Cape, they will have a total of 30 points in the series and could only be beaten by Zach placing 3rd or better and Mark placing 2nd.

Open Division "Faceplant Freestyle Cup" Standings 2016

Zach Longacre - 20.5 pts

Mark Nicolaus - 18 pts

Max Alessandri, Kardon Allard - 15 pts

Aaron Gordy - 13 pts

Brian Fitch - 12.5 pts

Austin Manning, Brandon "Animal" Cassel, William Gauss - 10 pts

Ventus Kisari, Nick Pappas - 8 pts

Evan Greensweicz, Jarrid Lopez, Tim Brooks, Jesse Wipf, Cameron Roundtree - 5 pts

The Junior's division is led by Ohio native Troy Dycus, who has placed 2nd at both slide jams. Can he pull off a win at Skate the Cape and seal the deal? It will be tough with slide jam winners Benny Clark and Rian Singleton at his heels.

Bethlehem LB Jam was led by new-comer Rian (Ree-ON) Singleton with high speed double grab slides, technical tricks and big airs off the kickers. If he matches his performance at the last event there's a good chance he will make his way into the top 3 of the series.

The real threat is Rip the Elwood winner Benny Clark who is only 2 points behind Dycus. If Benny can find that magic from the first event and win this last slide jam (even if Troy Dycus places 2nd) he will win the Juniors Faceplant Freestyle Cup by a half of a point!

PA rider, Nathan Yager has continued to be a threat in the past 2 slide jams and can easily put together some solid final runs to place him in the top 3.

Scenarios: Benny and Troy have the control going into this last event, if either of them can pull off a win they can seal the deal. Nathan and Rian are really fighting for 2nd and 3rd place in the series. With a win, they would have 30 points and would need bad performances from Troy and Benny which is highly unlikely.

Juniors Division "Faceplant Freestyle Cup" Standings 2016 Troy Dycus - 25 pts Benny Clark - 23 pts Nathan Yager, Rian Singleton - 15 pts Gabe Giesing - 10 pts Noah Balliet, Ethan Sanchez & Ryan Ciano - 8 pts Joseph Carrao, Wiiliam McLead, Luke Landis, Dillon Walter, Logan Bushog, Troy Drain, Xavier Salazar, Jacob Sarac - 5 pts

2016 Mission… Our mission is to push the progression of freestyle longboarding by organizing safe, fun and competitive events. We want longboarding as a sport to continue growing in size and skill. Using high level judging systems from other professional action sports, we want the Faceplant Freestyle Cup to be recognized as a prominent "slide jam" longboard series in our community.

How does it work?

There are two divisions(pick one only): Juniors (17 and under) and Open(18 and older)

*note: if you are 17 or under you can still enter the Open if you skate at a high level and attend competitions regularly

There is a "Progressive Cash Purse" which will accumulate money from a portion of each entry at each of our events. After the final event, Skate the Cape Shred Festival 5, the top 3 riders in each division will receive cash payouts & prizes. Riders receive points for placing within the top 10 at each event.

Faceplant Freestyle Cup Point System:

-Riders placing in the top 10 (6th-10th) will be awarded 5 points.

-Riders placing in 4th and 5th (top 5) will be awarded 8 points.

-Rider placing in 3rd will be awarded 10 points

-Rider placing in 2nd will be awarded 12.5 points

-Rider placing in 1st will be awarded 15 points

Faceplant Freestyle Cup Format/Judging System:

STYLE is everything when it comes to boardsports. What makes you different or what makes you stand out?

DIFFICULTY or risk of tricks. The bigger the risk the greater the reward.

SPEED and flow of run. We want to see flowy runs with a consistent speed.

CREATIVITY of run and use of coarse. We set up ramps so we want to see you use them in your run!

Each division splits into separate qualifying "jam" heats. Our highly qualified judges will pick the top 10 riders from each division after qualifying heat(s). Those top 10 riders from the Junior and Open Division get put into the semi-final "short-jam" heat. After the Semis, the judges will pick the top 5 riders in each division to compete in the Finals. In the Finals, each rider gets 2 solo runs with rider's name called out on PA system before each run. The Judges will pick the top 3 for podium results based on those final 2 solo runs.

The History...

In 2012, we started hosting our own longboarding competitions because we saw the need for there to be well organized and sanctioned longboard events. By 2014, we were hosting multiple events each year so we started the first Mid Atlantic Longboard Series. Riders had to compete thorughout the longboarding season in the Slide discipline of our 4 Events and place in the Top 10 to accumulate points. Top 3 Riders took home a couple hundred dollars in cash prizes! By 2015, we added in a Downhill Racing discipline to the series. This year we have seen a sharp decline in longboarding events on the East Coast, so we reorganized our schedule to be 3 back to back months and we are completely focusing on Freestyle (aka slide jam), so we are re-branding the series as "Faceplant Freestlye Cup."

2015 Pro SLIDE Results (4 events)

1st: Steve Fitz 43 points 2nd: Kevin Doyle 41 points 3rd: Max Alessandri 37.5 points 4th: Kardon Allard 35.5 points 5th: Aaron Gordy 30 points

2015 Amatuer SLIDE Results (4 events) 1st: Chris Chopko 32.5 points 2nd: Gabe Giesing 29.5 points 3rd: Brandon Cassel 23.5 points 4th: Juan Comargo 23 points 5th: Ethan Sanchez 22 points

2014 Pro SLIDE Results (4 events)

1st: Ventus Kisari 25,5 points 2nd: Aaron Gordy 25 points 3rd: Nolan Kramer 17 points

2014 Amatuer SLIDE Results (4 events) 1st: Max Alessandri 38 points 2nd: Ethan Sanchez 27 points 3rd: Zach Longacre 18 points

We are determined to make the Faceplant Freestyle Cup (Longboard Series) BIGGER and BETTER every year to help progress the sport of Longboarding and have a ton of fun. Spread the word!!!

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