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Grateful Shred
  • Grateful Shred



    Length~36.5", Width~9.25" tapering to 8.75", Wheelbase~22-24", Construction~12 plies premium baltic birch with FB44E Fiberglass Sandwich Construction w/ Decal

    Flex Rating (1=stiff – 10=flexible): 1

    Technical Overview:

       The Grateful Shred is a topmount deck and has micro drop and mellow U-concave right where your front foot sets into place. W-concave is set over the rear truck which gives the rider's back foot a pocket to set in when they are tucked and also keeps the back foot locked in during big check slides. The Grateful Shred also has a flared kick tail so you can throw some surf style slides with ease. It has a very solid feel throughout the deck. The wheel sandouts and flush truck mounts are there to reduce the risk of wheelbite and allow for bigger wheels. The ranging wheelbase options make this deck a phenomenal downhill/freeride longboard.



       All artwork is original by FB artist, we scan it and print it on a high visibility reflective decal/sticker.  The high visibility reflective decal/sticker is  lot like the material used for road signs, when light hits it, it reflects and "lights up" making the artwork POP, that much more!  As an added bonus, it could save your life when walking up a hill during low light situations, because cars will light up the board and be able to see you better. 


    We apply to the board after fiberglassing and then add a few hot coats of epoxy to seal it in for a glossy finish.  The Grateful Shred is available with the following artwork...


    "Elements" by Lillian Valeika


    We welcome custom artwork inquiries, choose the "custom art" and email us your design/ideas.  *Subject to price increase depending on scope of custom artwork.