Grateful Shred
  • Grateful Shred


    Team Rider Ben Udy from Utah goes real fast on his local mountain runs.  So we had to build him something to handle those bumpy roads at 50-70+mph.  He wanted to still be able to ollie it over curbs so we gave it a kicktail.


    The Grateful Shred is made to order, usually takes 2-3 weeks to complete your order, do carbon fiber, add any decal we offer already or come up with your own artwork!

    Shredability: The Grateful Shred is a fast freeride/downhill deck. Featuring micro drop in the nose to lock in the front foot and feel more stable at high speeds. We kept the prominent W-Concave in back to create amazing pockets for tucking and sliding. Minimal raised kicktail so you can pop ollies and go anywhere. 

    • Details

      Specs: Length~36.5", Width~9.25" tapering to 8.75", Wheelbase~22-24", Construction~12 plies premium baltic birch with FB44E Fiberglass Sandwich Construction w/ Decal or FBCF6E Carbon Fiber + Fiberglass Sandwich Construction

      Flex Rating (1=stiff – 10=flexible): 1

      Technical Overview: The Grateful Shred is a topmount deck and has micro drop and mellow U-concave right where your front foot sets into place. W-concave is set over the rear truck which gives the rider's back foot a pocket to set in when they are tucked and also keeps the back foot locked in during big check slides. The Grateful Shred also has a flared kick tail so you can throw some surf style slides with ease. It has a very solid feel throughout the deck. The wheel sandouts and flush truck mounts are there to reduce the risk of wheelbite and allow for bigger wheels. The ranging wheelbase options make this deck a phenomenal downhill/freeride longboard.