• Heist

    This Shradical Freeride can come with any of the 7 board art pieces offered.  To see the options see at the bottom of the "BoardShop" Page.  You can also request a custom graphic at an added expense.

    Shredability: The Heist is a downsized version of the Robbery (owner Rob Wheeler Pro Model). With the smaller length and wheelbase the Heist is very manuverable. Lightweight, solid and poppy so you can ollie up curbs and take this board anywhere. The kicktail is 4" from outside of the truck so you still have plenty of room to use it. The slidEEZ rails on the standing platform and tails make it effortless to slide this board. The concave and slight rocker make this board feel so comfortable under your feet.
    • Details

      Specs: L~30" W~9" WhB~21"
      Construction: 12 plies premium baltic birch with FB06E Fiberglass Laminate

      Technical Overview: The Heist has mellow concave in the standing platform. The slightly wedged nose and kicktail create a rocker stance to keep you stable at various speeds. Solid underfoot with 12 ply BB makes this deck responsive and durable. Lightweight and short wheelbase makes this shape very manuverable and easy to push

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