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Oreginal Shorty
  • Oreginal Shorty



    Length~36", Width~8.75", Wheelbase~23.5", Construction~11 plies premium baltic birch with FB06E fiberglass laminate


    Flex Rating(1=stiff – 10=flexible): 4


    Technical Overview: 

       The Oreginal Shorty was built for our first team Rider, Eric "Reginal" Hinton who loves to surf driveways and bomb down neighborhoods.  The O' Shorty features our "Ride the Wave" forward-camber which gives you tons of pumping power so you never have to push with your feet!  The apex of the forward-camber is right where your front foot goes so you can drive the board down as you tic-tac for speed and surf turns.  The 1/2" deck is solid and stable for comfortable downhill speeds and use and abuse everyday.



       All artwork is original by FB artist, we scan it and print it on a high visibility reflective decal/sticker.  The high visibility reflective decal/sticker is  lot like the material used for road signs, when light hits it, it reflects and "lights up" making the artwork POP, that much more!  As an added bonus, it could save your life when walking up a hill during low light situations, because cars will light up the board and be able to see you better. 


    We apply to the board after fiberglassing and then add a few hot coats of epoxy to seal it in for a glossy finish.  The Oreginal Shorty is available with the following artwork...


    "Entrance" by Nicole Bishopp

    "Rasta Dawn Patrol" by Jesse Wipf


    We welcome custom artwork inquiries, choose the "custom art" and email us your design/ideas.  *Subject to price increase depending on scope of custom artwork.

    • Shredability & Testimony


         The Oreginal Shorty was the first Team Rider Pro Model, designed by Eric “Oreginal” Hinton. It is very maneuverable, easy to ride, and it also has the features it needs when a rider wants to push their limits. It is such an effortless riding deck that you almost never have to take your feet off. The O' Shorty is such an easy board to hop right on and start ripping around town.


      "This is the one and only for me.  The Oreginal shape is perfect for any type of ride: downhill, slides, tricks or cruising but you'll always find me surfing those concrete barrels 24/7!" - Eric "Oreginal" Hinton

    • Shipping


      Shipping via FedEx Ground or USPS Priority Mail depending on location, we ship out of Truckee, CA.  Estimated delivery time is 1-2 weeks, expedited shipping is available upon request, subject to increase shipping cost.  

      We do our best to keep up with our inventory, if you purchase a board not in stock, we will contact you immediately.  Building time is 2-4 weeks.  Feel free to contact us with any questions before or after purchase.

      We are a small business, your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.  Thanks for supporting the stoke and riding the lifestyle with us!

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