Sexy Agent
  • Sexy Agent


    The Sexy Agent is made to order, usually takes 2-3 weeks to complete your order, add any decal we offer already or come up with your own artwork!

    Shredability: The Sexy Agent is built for speed and features our new HOLLOW-TECH and micro drop. Every inch of this board was thought out to provide a smooth stable ride. The micro drop in the front and back help lock your feet in and make the board more stable at high speeds. Easily find your back foot pockets with the W-Concave in the rear of the board for easy tucking and pre-drifting. With its perfected concave features, lightweight feel and solid platform, this Agent will not fail you.

    • Details

      Specs: Length ~ 34.5", Width ~ 9.5", Wheelbase ~ 30.5", Construction~12 plies premium baltic birch with FB66E Fiberglass Sandwich Construction with Hollow-tech

      Flex Rating (1=stiff - 10=flexible): 2

      Technical Overview: The Sexy Agent is a topmount race deck with amazing features. Hollowtech makes the board feel lightweight for quick acceleration and easy manuverability while remaining stable at high speeds. The micro drop in the front and rear help lock the riders feet in place and make the deck more stable at high speeds. Mellow U-Concave with the micro drop in the front make a comfortable front foot placement that can easily pivot for tucking and turning. The W-concave over the rear truck matched with the rear micro drop allows the rider to stay locked into their tuck comfortably and also adds that extra holding power when kicking out big check slides. Wheel sandouts help reduce the risk of wheelbite so you can use your big wheels.

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