Special Agent
  • Special Agent

    This Special Agent can come with any of the 7 board art pieces offered.  To see the options see at the bottom of the "BoardShop" Page.  You can also request a custom graphic at an added expense.

    Shredability: The Special Agent is perfect for the rider who likes to do fast freeriding while mixing it up with switch and freestyle tricks. Symmetrical-twin shape allows the rider to ride this board either direction. The trucks and wheels stay tucked under the board at either wheelbase so you can ride right over the bolts for maximum control. Wheel Sandouts allow you to ride with small or no risers without the risk of wheelbite. SLIDeeZ rails on the foot holds of the 24" standing platform make this an easy board to slide for any level rider. The rocker and concave bend work together to keep your feet locked in and in control at any speed. The kicktails are big enough to do some freestyle tricks and small enough to keep the weight down for high speed slides.
    • Details

      Specs: Length~38.5", Width~10", Standing Platform Length~24”, Wheelbase~28-29", Construction~12 plies premium baltic birch in FB44E Fiberglass Sandwich Construction

      Flex Rating (1=stiff – 10=flexible): 1

      Technical Overview: The Special Agent deck is a symmetrical-twin topmount fast freeride board. It is a solid deck that can take high speed abuse. The 24" concaved standing platform with SLIDeeZ rails makes this deck very comfortable to slide with at any speed. The rockered bend with a 28"-29" wheelbase makes this board comfortable at high speeds. Slightly raised 3" kicktails make this board very versatile.

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