• Torpedo CUSTOM ORDER

    This is to order your CUSTOM Torpedo Handboard from Faceplant Boardriders.  The starting price is $49, but if you want a lot of detail or something special with your custom order, there may be additional charges.  Be sure to leave a note as to what you want on your handboard along with your contact information in case we have questions, and we will have it built and shipped out in less than 2 weeks.

    CONTACT US with any questions you may have with your order.

    Be sure to choose which hand placement you want from the drop down menu below (hand strap or hole through/brass knuckles).
    • Details

      L~14 ¾’ W~7 1/8” Shape-Rocker w/ hand strap or Flat w/ "brass knuckles" (hole thru)

      The Torpedo will shoot you down the line of any wave with ease. The rocker shape on the strapped models helps keep you from nosediving and ruining your ride. The Hole Thru (Brass Knuckles) models are flat making them easy to switch off from hand to hand. The Torpedo is a great starting handplane for any age and gender. The size of the Torpedo allows the bodysurfer to easily maneuver themselves out into the lineup and into waves all day long.