WheelRZ Diablos 85a
  • WheelRZ Diablos 85a


    Grab a set before they are gone forever!


    Burn up the pavement on the WheelRZ Diablos. These wheels are your ultimate slide wheel. This particular Diablo is orange, has a durometer of 85a, and delivers fast slides. This 85a formula is grippier than most so you don't get that sketchy/icey slide that can be deadly on fast hills. It is a centerset wheel which allows you to flip the wheel to help prolong the life of the urethane. They are round lipped to ensure smooth slides and reduce the risk of chunking. Each wheel is stone ground so they are ready to slide right out of the package so no more waiting to break in your wheels. The Diablos have great acceleration and get you to sliding speed quickly so you are spending more time sliding and less time tucking for speed.

    • Details

      Diablos 85a
      70X45mm Slide/Freeride Wheel
      Centerset Hub
      Round Lipped
      Stone Ground
      'Wicked' thane

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