Downhill Skate Team

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Ben Udy

IG: father_noodle

Hometown: Living in Salt Lake City but I am originally from Logan, Utah!
Music that gets you pumped before you shred: my taste in music is always bouncing all over the place but I can always find myself getting pumped up by Iya Terra, Bob Marley, Billy Strings, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Degiheugi... I could quite literally go on for pages.
What inspires you:   My greatest inspiration is very much my son and his constant drive to grow and learn, but I find inspiration in all things that this beautiful life has to offer!

Pro Model:  Grateful Shred

Timothy Brookes

AKA Timmy  B, throwing down smooth freestyles on stage and on board 24/7.

IG:   boneth_clyde_smithsonian

Hometown: Atlantic Highlands, NJ
Music that gets you pumped before you shred:Joey Badass, Improv Jazz and Parliament Funkadelic
What inspires you: Nature, new spots, and new ideas
Favorite Faceplant Boardriders Shape(s): The Lard, Big Sexy and the Shradical Surfer
Favorite longboarding location:My hometown 
Where could you be found when you are not longboarding:In nature, on stage or at the beach

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Aaron Gordy

He mixes a steet skateboard style into his longboarding steeze.   Aaron is a rider who throws down the wildest tricks out of nowhere that blows peoples' minds.

IG:   theycallmegordy

Hometown: Scott AFB, Illinois
Stance: Regs
Describe your style: I whip that tail around like a gator


Eric "Oreginal" Hinton

Our first team rider and creator of the Oreginal Longboard Series.  He taught us how to drop it from the top!

IG:   oreginalhinton

Hometown: Middletown , Delaware .. Little state, filled with big people 

Quote I live by:  "A day without smiling is a day wasted"

Pro Model:   Oreginal Shorty

Dave "Daddy" Bangson

Daddy Dave is NOT your typical Longboarder.  He's always lurking at as many events as he can fit into his schedule and is dedicated to encouraging everyone young and old to SEND IT...Safely... Like a good Dad would.    If it can be ridden sideways, Daddy-is-rippin'-it.  

IG:     daddy_dayyve


Aidan Kleckner

IG:   aidanmandude

Hometown: Nazareth, PA

Other Sports: MMA,Trail Running, Snowboarding, Rock Climbing.

Music Influence:  August Burns Red, AB Sould, Chon & Lupe Fiasco

Where could you be found when you are not longboarding: In nature, studying, working or doing some other athletic endeavor . 

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Mark Anthony

IG:    mark.anthony.skates

Hometown:  Long Hill, NJ
Years Skating:  8

Music that gets you pumped:     Skrillex, Jimi Hendrix, The Offspring, so many...

What do you do when your not skating:  Work in a cabinet factory

Favorite discipline of longboarding/skating: Tech sliding

Rob Wheeler


IG:    robin.of.loxly

Hometown: Townsend, DE but now home is Truckee, CA

Music that Gets you pumped before a shred session:   I create a lot of shred playlists, some are flowy trippy stuff, others are hyper electronic and I always enjoy my teenager alt. rock playlists.

What inspires you? Waves, mountains and the team.

Favorite Board:   the Robbery and the Mini Stick

Describe your style in one word:    Flowy

Favorite place to skate? Cape Henlopen State Park, so many memories.

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Ben Brown


IG:   ben.lwg

Hometown: Bethesda, MD

Years Skating: about 6 or 7

Music that gets you pumped: Katy Perry, I love Katy Perry, I could Listen to Katy Perry 24/7

What do you do when you're not skating: Work, video games

Favorite discipline of longboarding/skating: Downhill and Medium/ fast freeride

Describe your style: Tortoise because I'm slow

Jordi Lintz

IG:    jlintztra

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri 

Music that gets me pumped:    Anything Reggae or Hip Hop/Rap. (Fortunate Youth, Soja, Mac Miller, Gunna, Mac Dre.)

Favorite Board:    Maiden Voyage or the Shradical Freeride from back in the day.

What to do when your not skating:   Graphic Designing, creating clothing with embroidery, snowboarding and gaming

Style in One word: Eccentric 


Jesse King

IG:  @jesseking732

Hometown: Belford, NJ

Music that’s gets you pumped to shred: Kendrick Lamar, Joey bada$$, Mac miller and any chill instrumentals

What inspires you: Progression.. I always strive get better every session if that’s learning a new trick or pushing myself that extra MPH

Favorite FPBR shapes: Lard & Greatful Shred

Favorite longboarding location: About a 5 minute drive from me is a hill we call Delaware.. 3 hills in one spot the possibility’s are endless

Where could you be found when your not skating: You’ll most likely see me spending time with the girl or at work