Snowboarding team

Rob Wheeler
Owner of Faceplant Boardriders , he's   the glue that holds it all together.
IG:     robin.of.loxly
Local Mountain:  Truckee, CA so anywhere in Northern Tahoe
Favorite Snowboard: Ride Warpig
Favorite Grab: Canadian Bacon
Favorite Mountains:  Killington, VT  for BEast Coast  & Cheesesteak Mtn for West Coast


Ricky Wheeler

Where could you be found when you are not longboarding: Fishing, Snowboarding, Surfing, Bodysurfing on FB Handboards, Hunting or building FB longboards.

IG:     captainrickywheeler


Brian Fitch

An all around boardrider, Brian lives to shred, and his passion shines through in his riding.  Brian is always looking to push longboarding to the next level, and he spreads the stoke in so many ways.

IG:     brianfitch3

Hometown: Allentown, PA
What inspires you: Being outside, my brothers; Kevin and Tyler, shreddin' with the FB team and seeing progression
Where could you be found when you are not longboarding: I'll be cliff jumping or hiking. Snowboarding in the winter. We don't got them there waves in Pennsyltucky!

Tino Romano

The OG and originator of the Tino Roll

IG:     shr3d_lif3

What inspires you: FPBR Crew and Danny Davis
Describe your style (in one word or to that of an animal): Lion
Where could you be found when you are not longboarding: Snowboarding or on an Indo Board

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Dustin Lipman


IG:      jonesthejawn

Hometown: Huntington, NY 

What snowboard do you ride?     Ride TwinPig 151cm

Music that Gets you pumped before a shred session: The Dirty Heads

What inspires  you? Spreading the stoke to everyone I meet. 

What do you do when you're not longboarding? Snowboard

Describe your style in one word? Surfy

Favorite place to skate? Lake Tahoe, CA

Taylor Del Monte

IG:      taydel25

Home Mountain:   My home mountain is now Killington VT, but growing up, Blue Mountain in PA was my home <3

Music that Gets you pumped before a shred session: I listen to such a wide array of music on the mountain! All of the different types of music get me stoked to rip all different types of things on the mountain :) #MusicIsMyFlow

Describe your style in one word? Flowy

What snowboard do you ride?  I ride the Salomon Gypsy 2019, before that I rode the Salomon Gypsy 2017, and my future board will be the Salomon Gypsy 2021 :) Best female board out there!

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Kyle Helwig

IG:     kylehelwig

Home Mountain:   I ride Snowshoe Mountain, WV whenever I can. I grew up riding Crystal Mountain, MI.

Music that Gets you pumped before a shred session: Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, and Emancipator is the hype, vibe, and chill combo. I'll jam to just about anything though!

Describe your style in one word? Side Hits and Loose Flips

What snowboard do you ride?  My daily driver is the Arbor Coda Rocker 154cm, and I ride the Nitro Quiver Cannon 174cm on those big neck-deep days.

Favorite Mountain to Shred:   Vail, CO for the side hits, Kirkwood, CA for the deepest powder days.