we started out as a group of friends pushing each other to go bigger and faster on the snow, asphalt and water. 


That naturally led to falling & faceplants, so we called ourselves the "Faceplant Boardriders," created the logo and never looked back.

"Pain for Progression" is our team motto because it's part of every boardsport if you're pushing the limits. 

Rob Wheeler
Owner of Faceplant Boardriders , he's   the glue that holds it all together.
Pro Model: the Robbery
Favorite Grab: Canadian Bacon
Favorite Event: Skate the Cape


Ricky Wheeler

Owner of Faceplant Boardriders 
Where could you be found when you are not longboarding: Fishing, Snowboarding, Surfing, Bodysurfing on FB Handboards, Hunting or building FB longboards.


Eric "Oreginal" Hinton

Our first team rider and creator of the Oreginal Longboard Series.  He taught us how to drop it from the top!

Hometown: Middletown , Delaware .. Little state, filled with big people 

Quote I live by:  "A day without smiling is a day wasted"

Pro Model:   Oreginal Shorty

Jesse Wipf

His surf style stands out anywhere he shreds and he is always blowing peoples minds on how hard he throws down on small boards.

Music that gets you pumped before you shred: Bloc Party, Matisyahu, Rebelution. I dunno, it depends on what kind of mood I’m in like an “I wanna shred everything mood” or “I just wanna have a chill ride and love life mood”.

Favorite Board: The Mini Stick


Brian Fitch

An all around boardrider, Brian lives to shred, and his passion shines through in his riding.  Brian is always looking to push longboarding to the next level, and he spreads the stoke in so many ways.

Hometown: Allentown, PA
What inspires you: Being outside, my brothers; Kevin and Tyler, shreddin' with the FB team and seeing progression
Where could you be found when you are not longboarding: I'll be cliff jumping or hiking. Snowboarding in the winter. We don't got them there waves in Pennsyltucky!

Kardon Allard

He goes BIG, and always stands out! His new pro model "The Lard" was designed by him to help push longboarding to the next level.

Music that gets you pumped before you Shred: Any kind of classic rock or reggae that will get me in the flow.
What inspires you: Watching others ride hard and pull out sick tricks. 
Where could you be found when you are not skating: surfing, wake boarding, snowboarding, or working

Pro Model: The Lard


Austin Bouthillet

Austin has one of the smoothest and most fluent riding styles around.

Hometown: Born and raised in Yorktown Virginia
Music that gets you pumped before you Shred: Chevelle, Incubus, foster the people, SOJA, Rebelution, anything that has flow and gets me in the right mind set.
What inspires you: Watching other friends pull out gnarly tricks, and thriving to progress 
Describe your style: Fast and graceful like a Gazelle 

Cameron Rountree


Music that gets you pumped before you shred: Flume, Pink Floyd, Trampled by Turtles, or any song from the Tony Hawk game series
What inspires you: Friends, Family, Faceplant, and the continuous adventure for gnar

gordy hip.jpg

Aaron Gordy

He mixes a steet skateboard style into his longboarding steeze.   Aaron is a rider who throws down the wildest tricks out of nowhere that blows peoples' minds.

Hometown: Scott AFB, Illinois
Stance: Regs
Describe your style: I whip that tail around like a gator

Tino Romano

The OG and originator of the Tino Roll

What inspires you: FPBR Crew and Danny Davis
Describe your style (in one word or to that of an animal): Lion
Where could you be found when you are not longboarding: Snowboarding or on an Indo Board


Cody Baker

Cody Baker is one of those riders who is just a natural.  He picks up tricks in no time and makes them look super stylish.  He rides fast and progresses even faster!

Hometown: South Glens Falls, NY
Music that gets you pumped before you shred: A$AP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa, Kendrick Lamar, Waka Flaka Flame, Rick Ross, Slightly Stoopid, something with some hype!
What inspires you: Progression of course! Seeing other people throwing down, Just having a good time.
Where could you be found when you are not skating: working, cliff jumping, Lake George, kickin' it with some homies.

Zach Viele

Zach Viele is the owner of the Pucks slide pucks company, and his passion for longboarding and going fast on a board is seen every time he shred. 

Hometown: Hudson Falls, NY
Favorite Faceplant Boardriders Shape(s): Thrill Ride, Big Sexy, Shradical Surfer
Describe your style: Monkey


Aidan Kleckner

Hometown: Nazareth, PA

Other Sports: MMA,Trail Running, Snowboarding, Rock Climbing.

Music Influence:  August Burns Red, AB Sould, Chon & Lupe Fiasco

Where could you be found when you are not longboarding: In nature, studying, working or doing some other athletic endeavor . 

Copy of IMG_7926.jpg

Dave "Daddy" Bangson

Daddy Dave is NOT your typical Longboarder.  He's always lurking at as many events as he can fit into his schedule and is dedicated to encouraging everyone young and old to SEND IT...Safely... Like a good Dad would.    If it can be ridden sideways, Daddy-is-rippin'-it.  

Timothy Brookes

AKA Timmy  B, throwing down smooth freestyles on stage and on board 24/7.

Hometown: Atlantic Highlands, NJ
Music that gets you pumped before you shred:Joey Badass, Improv Jazz and Parliament Funkadelic
What inspires you: Nature, new spots, and new ideas
Favorite Faceplant Boardriders Shape(s): The Lard, Big Sexy and the Shradical Surfer
Favorite longboarding location:My hometown 
Where could you be found when you are not longboarding:In nature, on stage or at the beach

tim hip.jpg

Ben Udy

Hailing from Utah, Ben is not scared of big mountain runs.  He snowboards all winter and longboards the rest of the year!  His fast freeride, freestyle tricks and stoked out personality make him a stand out rider.

Hometown: Midvale, UT currently but Home is Logan , UT
Music that gets you pumped before you shred: the Grateful Dead, Metallica, Blackfeet Braves, Pink Floyd, Biggie Smalls, Sublime, the Velvet Underground, Los Growlers and many more I could go on forever
What inspires you:The homies, my lady, music and some other things but nobody needs to know what those are

Pro Model:  Grateful Shred


Mark Anthony

Hometown:  Long Hill, NJ
Years Skating:  7

Music that gets you pumped:     Skrillex, Jimi Hendrix, The Offspring, so many...

What do you do when your not skating:  Work in a cabinet factory

Favorite discipline of longboarding/skating: Tech sliding

Daniel Meyer

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Years Skating: 10 total 4 Longboarding

Music that gets you pumped: early 2000s alternative rock

What do you do when you're not skating: Work mostly but i always enjoy a good bonfire!

Favorite discipline of longboarding/skating: Fast Freeride

Describe your style: Leo = Lion


Rian Singleton

Hometown: Bethesda, MD

Music that Gets you pumped before a shred session: Young Thug

What inspires  you: Money

What do you do when you're not longboarding: Skateboard, Snowboard, BMX, College

Describe your style in one word: Sketchy

Favorite place to skate: Gib


Emily Fath


Hometown: Bloomington, Indiana

Music that Gets you pumped before a shred session: Dream pop, shoegaze, pop punk

What inspires you? All the different ways I have seen skating help create positive, transformative change in people. Also 2013 Midwestern slide jam vibes.

What do you do when you're not longboarding? Mostly knitting (currently working on a dog sweater). Thrift shopping, occasionally playing guitar and drums.

Describe your style in one word? Sendn't 

Favorite place to skate? North Carolina neighborhoods

Dustin Lipman


Hometown: Huntington, NY

Music that Gets you pumped before a shred session: The Dirty Heads

What inspires  you? Spreading the stoke to everyone I meet. 

What do you do when you're not longboarding? Snowboard

Describe your style in one word? Feather-like

Favorite place to skate? Lake Tahoe, CA


Jesse King

Hometown: Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Music that gets me pumped: Old school hip hop or new school, Mainly Joey Badass and Wu-tang

What to do when your not skating: Work or play video games with the homies !!

Favorite discipline of longboarding/skateboarding: The urge to keep getting better everyday!! Every session I try to get better and better and that's what makes skateboarding fun for me. 

Style in One word: Loose 


Ben Brown


Hometown: Bethesda, MD

Years Skating: about 6 or 7

Music that gets you pumped: Katy Perry, I love Katy Perry, I could Listen to Katy Perry 24/7

What do you do when you're not skating: Work, video games

Favorite discipline of longboarding/skating: Downhill and Medium/ fast freeride

Describe your style: Tortoise because I'm slow