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Faceplant Boardriders

"Pain for Progression"

Rob Wheeler (skateboard builder) started making longboards/downhill skateboards in his parents basement when he was 13 years old(which was in 2003).  Hand crafting each board for himself and friends to hurl themselves down steep roads to create the awesome rush of adrenaline and stoke. We were instantly hooked on this extreme sport and never looked back. 


Since the incorporation in 2010 we put together a team of talented riders to push the progression of our boards.  Rob became a grassroots longboard manufacturer as orders grew throughout that decade.  Now, he enjoys making small batches of longboards and focusing on the quality rather than quantity.

When you pick up one of our Longboards you can see the extensive detail and craftsmanship as each one is still made by hand.  As you jump on the board and ride away you are transported to a wave, a snowy mountain and a state of bliss. 


Ride the Lifestyle with us!  Come to our longboard festival, Skate the Cape!

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