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Skate the Cape 3 & Mid Atlantic Freeride Series Wrap Up

The Skate the Cape Shred Festival 3 in Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware was another year of awesome shredding, stoke, good times and good vibes. The camping atmosphere was better then ever this year with riders coming from all over to compete in the Skate the Cape 3 which is the last event of the season for the Mid Atlantic Freeride Series. No better way to meet new people and see new styles of riding.

Day 1 (Saturday) of the Skate the Cape 3 was Race Day with the Downhill, Slalom, and Enduro Push Race. The results were as follows:

Downhill Race Amateur Division

1st-Nolan Kramer

2nd-Andrew Sickora

3rd-Bukola Onasanya Downhill PRO/OPEN Division

1st-Matt English

2nd-Dylan Baist-Bliss

3rd-Jared Beers Slalom Race Amateur Division

1st-Dominik Peoria

2nd-David Bangson

3rd-Lucas Lavista Slalom Race PRO/OPEN Division

1st-Rob Wheeler

2nd-Jesse Wipf

3rd-Kyle Fields Enduro Push Race Amateur Division

1st-Steven Zuponcic

2nd-Vytas Viesulas

3rd-Dominik Peoria Enduro Push Race PRO/OPEN Division

1st-William Frank

2nd-Eric Palmer

3rd-Rob Wheeler

Day 2 (Sunday) was Freeride/Slide Day with the Slide Jam, Hippy Jump Contest, Slopestyle, and Big Air Contest Slide Jam GROM Division

1st-Chris Chopko

2nd-Jacob Sarac

3rd-Stosh Wojick Slide Jam Amateur Division

1st-Max Alessandri

2nd-Ethan Sanchez

3rd-Zach Longacre Slide Jam PRO/OPEN Division

1st-Jarrid Lopez

2nd-Ventus Kisari

3rd-Nolan Kramer Slopestyle OPEN

1st-Kevin Doyle

2nd-Kyle Fields

3rd-Brian Fitch Hippy Jump Contest

Kevin Doyle 46” Big Air Contest (distance)

Josh Fuentes 17’ 3”

Congratulations to our 1st Mid Atlantic Freeride Series Winners!

PRO/OPEN Division

1st-Ventus Kisari 26 points

2nd-Aaron Gordy 25.5 points

3rd-Nolan Kramer 17 points

AMATEUR Division

1st-Max Alessandri 38 points

2nd-Ethan Sanchez 27 points

3rd-Zach Longacre 18 points

We plan to make the 2015 Mid Atlantic Freeride Series bigger and better this year and are hoping to add 1 more event in the MD/VA Region making the Series a 5 part series. Keep up with the updates for the Series and it's Events here on our website and also on the facebook page at Next years events that are definitely happening and in the book (exact dates coming soon are:

Bethlehem Slide Jam 2 (late March or April)

Skate for Peace 3 (May)

Rip teh Elwood 3 (September)

Skate the Cape Shred Festival 4 (November)

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