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Skate for Peace Recap

This past May, Faceplant Boardriders and Wheelrz Wheels hosted the 3rd Annual Skate for Peace charity longboard competition at the KidsPeace campus in Orefield, PA. The competition, organized by Faceplant team rider and KidsPeace Facility Coordinator Brian Fitch, raised money for the campus’s Longboarding for Peace program, which provides a constructive outlet and helps the at-risk kids develop coping skills. Back in the summer of 2012, Fitch began his skate program with six kids, with the goal of spreading the love of longboarding. Since then, the program has grown, and seven classes have graduated with new skills and a new passion. The event has raised over $2,000 to fuel the KidsPeace Longboarding for Peace program. This year, the competition raised over $700, which will go towards new equipment for future students. Competitors took advantage of the unique terrain the KidsPeace campus has to offer, which is usually off-limits to any outsiders. This year’s competition featured a Downhill Race, Slalom, Slide and a Vertical Ditch session. Original Skateboards rider Emily Pross took the gold for the Pro Downhill race, before donating a brand new setup to the cause. She wasn’t the only one; competitors were encouraged to donate their used equipment. The Sanchez family, supporting their son Ethan, donated a complete setup. In addition, they also purchased a complete Faceplant Boardriders longboard to be donated to the program. Sponsors included Triple 8, Blue Sky, Original, Muirskate, Natural Vibes Lifestyle, Stoked, Sector 9, Riptide, Orangatang, Uncle Funky’s, and Loaded. They sent boards, wheels, t-shirts, bushings and other hardware, including monetary donations. Spectators and competitors alike agreed that this year’s competition, like those before it, was a great success. According to Pross, “the race was more technical, which made it a lot more fun.”

Emily Pross showing the boys how to take the final turn with ease. Photo by Ross Earhart

Podium Results:

AM Downhill: 1st: Andrew Bock 2nd: Dylin Snedden 3rd: Austin Manning

PRO Downhill: 1st: Emily Pross 2nd: Jacob Scarberry 3rd: Ethan Denton

OPEN Slalom: 1st: Jesse Wipf 2nd: Andrew Bock 3rd: Steve Fitz

Jesse Wipf is all smiles as he weaves through the slalom course. Photo by Ross Earhart

AM Slide: 1st: Connor Hunton 2nd: Gabe Giesing 3rd: Sam Birchall

PRO Slide: 1st: Kardon Allard 2nd: Steve Fitz 3rd: Max Alessandri

Kardon Allard laid down 2 solid runs in the finals mixing up technical sliding with big kicker spins to secure his win in the PRO Slide. Photo by Ross Earhart

Thanks again to all who came out! The Longboarding for Peace kids were stoked on the inspiration. You all helped raise $700 for the program to keep things running! We had another successful event to start the Mid-Atlantic Freeride Series, next stop, Bethlehem Slide Jam on June 27th.

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