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Bethlehem Slide Jam 2 - Sunday the 28th

Due to the crazy rainy and windy forecast for Saturday, we have moved the Bethlehem Slide Jam to our Rain Date of Sunday June 28th. The event schedule is as follows:

9am - Registration and Boardercross practice

10am - Boardercross Event

11:30 - Boardercross Podium and beginning of slide jam practice

12:00 - Hippy Jump Contest

12:30 - Grom and Am Qualifiers

1pm - Pro Qualifiers

1:30 - #showmeatrick session

2pm - Grom and Am Semi-Finals

2:20 - Pro Semi-Finals

2:45 - Big Air Competition (longest distance)

3pm - Grom and Am Finals

3:30 - Pro Finals

4pm - Longest Slide Competition (Heelside and Toeside)

4:30 - Podium for Slide, Hippy Jump, Best #showmeatrick, Big Air, and Longest Slide

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