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Jered Fykes: FB Artist Interview

We wanted to pick the brain of our main artist Jered Fykes who has designed many of the longboard decals you see today(Trip Out, Music Man, Lard Pro Model, Double Headed Agent, Faceplant Boady Parts). We were drawn to his art style after his very first "Trip Out" artwork he did for us back in 2013. The amazing precise detail and wild style complimented our longboards and made them stand out in shops when placed next to other brands. We are very stoked to be releasing this artist bio along with our first artist inspired T-Shirt thanks to a collaboration with Category Collections.

To purchase on of these powder blue "Trip Out" shred t-shirts CLICK HERE or go to Category Collections to order one with the color of your choice. Read on and enjoy!

My Name is Jered Fykes, and I’m a graphic Illustrator based out of Richmond, VA. My passion for art began in elementary school, were if we did good work we were given green apple bubble gum, I really liked green apple gum (haha). Throughout grade school my appreciation for art changed as I did. From drawing classmates faces in class, being intrigued most by realistic work from observation, to creating mainly from my head using a surrealistic approach, with inspiration from artist like Salvador Dali, M.C. Escher, and Alex Pardee. With my new found love for surrealism I branched out to multiple mediums creating stickers, designing lighters, and phone cases which soon became ‘Fyxart.’ My goal at the time was to design and sell 100 lighters, which by now I have more than tripled!

Today, I’ve had the chance to work with rad companies like Faceplant BR, Ink Magazine, bands, and business creating fliers, album covers, longboard designs, painting murals, etc. I now run an art line under ‘Peculiar Hi’ creating threads, prints, stickers, and more, while vending at events, selling products from my home, or online. In the future I look forward to doing more commissioned bodies of work, murals, and collaborations.

Still to this day art is my happy place. It’s something that makes me feel good, and I’m not quite sure why. My inspiration stems from the same place, wanting to allow people to feel happy or comfortable, yet they may not know why.

Instagram: @jerrrofyx | @peculiar_hi

"Lard Pro Model" longboard decal

"Double Headed Agent" longboard decal

"Music Man" on the Double Blunt Deck

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