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Faceplant Boardriders 2017 Longboarding Events

Faceplant Boardriders will be hosting four longboarding events this year with competitions like downhill racing, freestyle aka slide jam, slalom racing, push racing, boardercross racing, highest hippy jump and big air. Event organizer Rob Wheeler has been hosting longboarding competitions in the Mid-Atlantic States since 2012. "Going to Slide Jams got me into the sport and community" says Rob, "I try to mimic that laid back but competitive vibe I felt at those events." All of Faceplant's events are in there 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th generation! Ricky Wheeler, co-owner of Faceplant Boardrider's says "Our events are safe, fun and organized so that we get invited back to each venue every year and continue to grow our longboarding community in size and skill."

Faceplant Boardriders Co-owner and Event Host-Rob Wheeler navigating down the Boardercross Course at Skate the Cape last year

The first event of the year is the 4th annual Bethlehem Jam on Saturday, July 8th. This event is held in Faceplant's hometown headquarters so they go all out. This event starts out with the intense Boardercross time trial race where riders charge down the coned course going off ramps, on and off sidewalks, slalom sections and technical high speed turns. The rest of the day is dedicated to a classic slide jam where some of the best longboarding tricks and slides of the year go down here! Each year we have to ask permission from the residents on the hill and they are stoked to have us back again this year in the middle of Summer!

King of Kings Gap on Saturday, August 12th is the next Faceplant event and is fairly new. Rob helped organize the very first event here in 2014 and he has stepped up to be main event organizer this year. The event grew in 2015 but last year they could not secure enough pre-registered riders to have permission from the venue so it will be in its 3rd generation. This event features a 5-6 minute downhill race where riders in heats of six reach speeds of 30-35mph as they navigate down the long smooth scenic course. After downhill racing finishes, riders start at the bottom and see who can endure the 2+ mile uphill push race! All proceeds from the push race are going towards Carve 4 Cancer foundation!

Next is the 5th Annual Rip the Elwood on Saturday, September 9th. Held at the beautiful Elwood L. Crossan State Park which looks like it was made for longboarders. They start the day with the technical Downhill Time Trial Race on the skinny path that weaves down the face of an open field hill. Right next to it is the long, straight Slide Jam hill that gets loaded with features. This event also features Boardercross Racing, Hippy Jump Contest and Longest Slide competition.

The grand finale is the 6th annual Skate the Cape Shred Festival on November 4-5th. This event takes place in a picturesque and historic state park in Southern Delaware that has miles of paved bike paths. Riders come from all over the East Coast to have a skate getaway where they meet other riders, have a great time camping out around the bonfires, and having some fun competition among each other for 2 days full of events. Day one features Downhill Racing, Small Wheelbase Racing, Slalom Racing and an Enduro Push Race. Day two starts with the Boardercross Race, Hippy Jump Contest and ends with the Slide Jam. This is also the last stop of the Faceplant Freestyle Cup Longboarding Series where the top riders in Open and Junior division take home cash!

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