Rip the Elwood: Rob's Rad Recap

The 5th annual Rip the Elwood Longboard Competition brought riders from PA, DE, MD, VA, NJ & CO to Elwood L. Crossan State Park for Downhill Racing, Uphill Push Racing, Boarder-Cross Racing, Slide Jam and Longest Slide Competitions. The weather was beautiful for skating and the stoke was high all day.

Rider Hayden Knott on the top portion of the DH race course. Photo by Suzan Knott

The event started with the Downhill Time Trial Race where each rider had 3 timed runs to see who was the fastest. The challenging course is only 4' wide with deceiving left and right turns. Hayden Knott led the Juniors Division with a time of 1:11.

The Open division was an incredibly close race. Local rider Ryan Yearsley was leading after his first and second run with a time of 1:08 and then 1:06. In the final run, Jarrid Lopez improved his time by 5 seconds and clocked in the fastest time of the day at 1:05. Aaron Gordy also improved his last run to earn a spot on the podium.

Rider Jarrid Lopez getting into position before the left crash corner. Photo Suzan Knott

Junior DH Podium. Photo by Suzan Knott

Open DH Podium. Photo by Suzan Knott

Junior DH: 1st- Hayden Knott 2nd- Nate Yager 3rd- Adam Balliet

Open DH: 1st- Jarrid Lopez 2nd- Ryan Yearsley 3rd- Aaron Gordy

Next event was the grueling Uphill Push Race from the bottom parking lot to the top of the park. It's about a half mile push uphill as fast as you can go! The race was led and won by Faceplant Boardrider Jeremy Woolsey. The race for 2nd and 3rd was tight, especially after the mid race crash where one rider stepped onto another rider's board creating a quick pile up. Ben Lohr and Aidan Klecker were side by side the rest of the way up but Ben just passed him at the finish for 2nd place.

Uphill Push Race, Jeremy in the lead, Ben in white and Aidan in Black. Photo by Suzan Knott.

Uphill Push Race: 1st- Jeremy Woolsey 2nd- Ben Lohr 3rd- Aidan Klecker

After the push race, riders took a break to refuel at the Blendlife Food Truck serving healthy smoothies, acai bowls and grill cheeses. For the first time ever we had rider on rider heats at the Boardercross Race (rather than the single rider timed runs). The course started out with airing off the kicker straight into slalom cones. After that the riders merged together around the coned course through 3 grass patch sections. After a few heats the riders were really flowing through the course.

Riders Rob Wheeler and Will Stephan preparing for landing off the 1st kickers in the BoarderCross. Photo by Suzan Knott.

Riders Cameron Roundtree (left) and Jarrid Lopez (right) in the slalom section. Photo by Suzan Knott.