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The last showdown: Faceplant Freestyle Cup (Longboard Series)

Current Leader Tim Brookes finger flipping for the photographer at Bethlehem Jam.

The stage is set for an epic ending to the Faceplant Freestyle Cup. "It's going to be an emotional weekend filled with really-really good longboarding at the 6th and last Skate the Cape Shred Festival" says event organizer Rob Wheeler. The Open Division has 6 different riders that are contenders for winning the Faceplant Freestyle Cup. Tim Brookes is holding a slim lead of 1.5 points ahead of 2014 Champ, Ventus Kisari. Both riders have competed in all of the Faceplant Freestyle Cup events and have each made it to the Finals at both events.

Sitting in 3rd place is Steve Fitz and Max Allessandri who each won the only event they made this year so they are a serious threat at Skate the Cape. Aaron Gordy will not be able to attend Skate the Cape. If you like a longshot then put your money on Zach Longacre or Jarrid Lopez who have a chance to win if a few things go there way. As usual, no one is safe, you have to win Skate the Cape to ensure a chance to win the Faceplant Freestyle Cup!

The Junior Division is a showdown between Nate Yager and Benny Clark who are currently tied for 1st Place! Each rider has dominated this year with a 1st and 2nd place finish. Who will come out on top at Skate the Cape and be crowned 2017 Faceplant Freestlye Cup Winner? Come down to Fort Miles at Cape Henlopen State Park on Sunday, November 12th at noon to see all the action!

Max Allesandri whipping a frontside 360 indy air at Rip the Elwood. PC Suzan Knott

2017 Open/Pro Slide Standings:

1st- 17.5 pts – Tim Brookes

2nd-16 pts - Ventus Kisari

3rd(tied)- 15 pts – Steve Fitz, Max Alessandri, Aaron Gordy

6th- 13 pts – Zach Longacre 7th- 12.5 pts - Will Stephan

8th- 10 pts - Jarrid Lopez

9th- 8 pts - Neena Schueller, Mark Nicolaus

11th- 5 pts – Bob Kistner, Cam Roundtree

2017 Junior Slide Standings:

1st(tied)- 27.5 pts – Nate Yager & Benny Clark

3rd- 10 pts – Luke Landis & Adam Balliet

5th- 8 pts – Will MacLeod

2017 Faceplant Freestyle Cup EVENT SCHEDULE:

July 8th, 2017 (rain or shine) 4th Annual Bethlehem Longboard Jam

September 9th, 2017 (rain or shine) 5th Annual Rip the ElWood

November 11th-12th, 2017 (rain or shine) 6th Annual Skate the Cape Shred Festival

How does it work?...

Each division splits into separate qualifying "jam" heats. The top 10 riders picked from the Junior and Open qualifier get put into the semi-final "short-jam" heat. After the Semis, the judges will pick the top 5 riders in each division to compete in the Finals. In the Finals, each rider gets 3 solo runs, the best 2 runs will be counted.

Faceplant Freestyle Cup Point System:

-Riders placing in the top 10 (6th-10th) will be awarded 5 points.

-Riders placing in 4th and 5th (top 5) will be awarded 8 points.

-Rider placing in 3rd will be awarded 10 points

-Rider placing in 2nd will be awarded 12.5 points

-Rider placing in 1st will be awarded 15 points

Judging Criteria:

STYLE. It's what makes your riding stand out.

DIFFICULTY or risk of tricks. The bigger the risk the greater the reward.

SPEED, POWER and FLOW of run.

CREATIVITY and use of coarse.

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