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The Last Skate the Cape: Press Release

Skate the Cape 2017 Event Poster

6th Annual Skate the Cape Shred Festival on Novemeber 11-12th, 2017 at Fort Miles and the Great Dune Lookout in Cape Henlopen State Park, DE. Skate the Cape attracts professional and amateur level longboarders from all around the Mid-Atlantic States to compete in Downhill Racing, Slalom Racing, a Push Race around the Park, BoarderCross Racing, Freestyle, Big Air, Hippy Jump and longest slide! Riders start arriving Friday at the beautiful State Park where they camp and hang out with other riders in the community. The high energy action starts at 10am on Saturday with one of the main events, the Downhill Race. Riders in Junior and Open(Pro) division race in heats of 3 to see who is the fastest. The top 2 riders will advance to the next round until we get to the finals around 11:30. Grab a seat at the difficult 100 degree right turn on the great dune lookout trail for good racing and crashes! While you wait grab some delicious food from Bethlehem, PA Food Truck Blendlife, which serves melty grill'wiches, refreshing all natural smoothies and life changing Acai & Dragonfruit bowls.

Next will be the old school Slalom Race starting at 1pm where riders go head to head as they weave in and out of cones to see who makes it to the finish first. Last event on Saturday is the 2.9 mile "Enduro" push race on the bike loop starting at 2pm. Its kind of like running with the bulls, all the riders sprint out the start as one and must endure the elements of bumping into each other, uphill climbs, downhill speed, over sand, water and pine needles to make it to the finish. The day ends with the award ceremony for all three events. Riders return to camp to recharge and reminisce in all the day's glory.

Sunday starts with the exciting Boardercross Race at 11am. In this event, highly skilled riders go head to head on a difficult course marked with cones over big ramps and tight turns to see who is the fastest. After that is lunchtime at Blendlife Food Truck and a Hippy Jump Contest. Riders leap off there board over a high stick and must land back on there board. We raise the bar higher and higher until we have a winner.

Starting at 1pm is the main event, the Freestyle Jam. Riders air off ramps, perform high speed slides and traditional skateboarding tricks on longboards. Grab a seat on the sidelines and enjoy the show! This is the finale of the Faceplant Freestyle Cup, a longboard event series where riders have been competing in numerous events, gaining points to win cash for longboarding! We have a very exciting showdown in both the Junior and Open(Pro) division so don't miss the finals starting at 2pm!

We wrap up our weekend long event with an epic Big Air and Longest Slide session to see who can fly the furthest in the air and on the pavement. Award ceremony for all of Sunday's events as well as the Faceplant Freestyle Cup closes the event around 3:30pm. Don't miss out on this unique competition, it is free to be a spectator! We have clothing, food and lifestyle vendors if you feel like doing some early Christmas Shopping.

For more information or to register for the event, visit

2015 Official Event Video:

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