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Rob's Rad Recap: Last Skate the Cape & Faceplant Freestyle Cup

Photos by Suzan Knott

It was below freezing but there were no complaints. Everyone was stoked to be back at the beach for one last Skate the Cape. The event kicked off with one of the main events, Downhill Racing where Junior and Open divisions raced in heats of 3 riders, last rider was eliminated. The Open division was dominated by Jarrid Lopez with veteran Jared Beers and local rider Jeremy Woolsey following close behind. In the Juniors, Nate Yager confidently took 1st place with Rian Singleton in 2nd and Ben Brown 3rd.

Jarrid Lopez gripping the turn, keeping his speed and staying in 1st place. PC Suzan Knott

Open Downhill Race - (PC Suzan Knott)

1st- Jarrid Lopez 2nd- Jeremy Woolsey 3rd- Jered Beers

Junior Downhill Race-Podium (PC Suzan Knott)

1st- Nate Yager 2nd- Rian Singleton 3rd- Ben Brown

Next, was the Small Wheelbase Race, 22" or less where riders race on the same Downhill course but with smaller boards for more intense racing. That didn't stop Jarrid Lopez from leading the pack from start to finish for 1st place.

Small Wheelbase Finals, rider falls at turn and allows Matt McCoy (in red) to pass for 3rd place. PC Suzan Knott

Small Wheelbase Race (22" and under)

1st- Jarrid Lopez 2nd- Jeremy Woolsey 3rd- Matt McCoy

After that, we set up the cones for an old-school Slalom Race. Riders went head to head in races with double elimination consequences. Rivalries began between riders for an awesome display of Slalom Racing. It came down to Jarrid Lopez and Rob Wheeler in the finals, Rob fought his way back from having one loss from Jarrid already. Sadly, Jarrid knocked a cone early in the final race and was Disqualified.

Tight rivalry between rider's Jesse Wipf (right) and Rob Wheeler (left) pushing off the Slalom Start with there game faces ON! PC Suzan Knott

Rob Wheeler carving his way to Slalom victory PC Suzan Knott

Slalom Race Podium - PC Suzan Knott

1st- Rob Wheeler 2nd- Jarrid Lopez 3rd- Dave Bangson

Last event of the day was the 2.9 mile Enduro Push Race. Over 20 riders filled the starting line for a hectic beginning to the race as it narrows to a bike lane. Riders enjoyed downhill cruises, uphill climbs, sand traps, pine needles and cars on the 2.9 bike loop. Matt McCoy, Rob Wheeler and Jarrid Lopez stayed tight throughout the race until the last Uphill Climb where Jarrid and Rob battled it out for 1st.

Push Start Line - PC Suzan Knott

Enduro 2.9 mile Push Race

1st- Rob Wheeler 2nd- Jarrid Lopez 3rd- Matt McCoy

Day Two started with the BoarderCross Time Trial Race. Each rider had 3 runs to clock the fastest time on the course that took riders around difficult turns, two ramps and a tricky slalom section. The event was pretty exciting to watch as the lead changed 4 different times. Architect of the course may of had an unfair advantage as he edged out Kyle Fields from 1st place on his last run.

Rob Wheeler hitting ramp 2 of 2 with style. PC Suzan Knott

BoarderCross Race

1st- Rob Wheeler 2nd- Kyle Fields 3rd- Jarrid Lopez

Next, was a Hippy Jump Contest where riders leap off there board over a limbo stick and land gracefully back onto there board. It was in tribute to the great Aaron Gordy as riders challenged themselves to jump as high and with as much style as he did. Local FB rider Jeremy Woolsey was up to the challenge and jumped a staggering 54" (only 4" away from Gordy's record of 58").

Jeremy Woolsey hippy jumps 54" - PC Suzan Knott

After that was the main event of the day, the Slide Jam that would determine the Faceplant Freestyle Cup Winners! We started with the small but talented group of Junior skaters that was led by Nate Yager and Benny Clark who were tied in the series. Benny Clark pushed his limits and wowed the judges with difficult slides and spins at high speed.

Junior Slide & Faceplant Freestyle Cup Podium - PC Suzan Knott

1st- Ben Clark 2nd- Nate Yager 3rd- Chris Rubino

The Open division was stacked with talented big riders. Max Allesandri, Josh Fuentes, Kyle Fields, Tim Brookes and Jarrid Lopez made into the Finals where they each got 3 runs to lay it all out. Max was nearly perfect on his first run and followed it with another banger run fitting in insane flip tricks, slides and 360s off the kickers. Jarrid Lopez really put on a show for the crowd with two great runs mixing in his crazy skier slide 180s and cross legged lady killer slides. Josh Fuentes was consistent with his runs and mixed it up with some techy freestyle up top and big airs off the kickers.

Max getting high AF! - PC Suzan Knott

The judges discuss runs and results for Slide Jam and Faceplant Freestyle Cup. - PC Suzan

Open Slide

1st- Max Allesandri 2nd- Jarrid Lopez 3rd- Josh Fuentes

Faceplant Freestyle Cup Podium - PC Suzan Knott

1st- Max Allesandri 2nd- Tim Brookes 3rd- Jarrid Lopez

The event ended with the Big Air and Longest Slide Competitions to close the event on a high note and get everyone involved. Josh Fuentes broke his big air record 4 times! Local Rider Jeremy Woolsey had logest toe and heel until Jarrid Lopez landed longest toeside on his last attempt.

That pavement was sketchy! PC Suzan Knott

Big Air - Josh Fuentes, Longest Heelside- Jeremy Woolsey, Longest Toeside- Jarrid Lopez

Giving back to the people - PC Suzan Knott

Last Skate the Cape pic. PC Suzan Knott

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