Rob's Rad Recap: Last Skate the Cape & Faceplant Freestyle Cup

Photos by Suzan Knott

It was below freezing but there were no complaints. Everyone was stoked to be back at the beach for one last Skate the Cape. The event kicked off with one of the main events, Downhill Racing where Junior and Open divisions raced in heats of 3 riders, last rider was eliminated. The Open division was dominated by Jarrid Lopez with veteran Jared Beers and local rider Jeremy Woolsey following close behind. In the Juniors, Nate Yager confidently took 1st place with Rian Singleton in 2nd and Ben Brown 3rd.

Jarrid Lopez gripping the turn, keeping his speed and staying in 1st place. PC Suzan Knott

Open Downhill Race - (PC Suzan Knott)

1st- Jarrid Lopez 2nd- Jeremy Woolsey 3rd- Jered Beers

Junior Downhill Race-Podium (PC Suzan Knott)

1st- Nate Yager 2nd- Rian Singleton 3rd- Ben Brown

Next, was the Small Wheelbase Race, 22" or less where riders race on the same Downhill course but with smaller boards for more intense racing. That didn't stop Jarrid Lopez from leading the pack from start to finish for 1st place.

Small Wheelbase Finals, rider falls at turn and allows Matt McCoy (in red) to pass for 3rd place. PC Suzan Knott

Small Wheelbase Race (22" and under)

1st- Jarrid Lopez 2nd- Jeremy Woolsey 3rd- Matt McCoy

After that, we set up the cones for an old-school Slalom Race. Riders went head to head in races with double elimination consequences. Rivalries began between riders for an awesome display of Slalom Racing. It came down to Jarrid Lopez and Rob Wheeler in the finals, Rob fought his way back from having one loss from Jarrid already. Sadly, Jarrid knocked a cone early in the final race and was Disqualified.

Tight rivalry between rider's Jesse Wipf (right) and Rob Wheeler (left) pushing off the Slalom Start with there game faces ON! PC Suzan Knott

Rob Wheeler carving his way to Slalom victory PC Suzan Knott