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2021 Team Snowboarding Film is out now!

This is Faceplant Boardriders 2021 Team Snowboarding "Winter" Film. Snowboarding has always been a big part of who Faceplant Boardriders is, it's actually how the company came to be!

Our team riders are spread out all across the USA and some of us are in prime snowboarding locations. Tino Romano and Aaron Gordy open the film in Breckenridge, CO. Then we go to Park City, Utah where Charlie Eagar and Ben Udy lay down some heavy lines in the Peace Park. Rob Wheeler gets creative in his backyard of Truckee, CA and then scores some epic powder at Northstar Resort, CA.

Most of the team is located on the East Coast. Back in January the boys got a team trip together at Blue Mountain in Pennsylvania. The footage was hilarious with lots of funny bails and faceplants. Daddy Dave Bangson led the team on the trip and pulled out his DUAL snowboards for a part in the film. Kardon Allard, Mitch Abrams and Eric "Oreginal" Hinton landed some solid parts in the film with "longboard inspired" snowboarding. Wrapping up the film is Dustin Lipman who works at Blue Mountain as a snowboard instructor and was MVP of the trip hooking the boys up with ski passes.

The entire film was supplied with awesome music by Timmy B (Official Timmy B) from his new album "Bitter Cold Night Drives." This film features the songs...

  1. "Floating"

  2. "Make some Noise"

  3. "Cold Rain"

  4. "Hope"

Find his music on all major music platforms, search for "Official Timmy B"

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