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New Host at Rip the Elwood 7

Rip the Elwood is FPBR longest running consecutive event in its 7th year! This year, new team rider, Dave "Daddy" Bangson is hosting the event for the first time. I wanted to pick his brain a little bit and see what he has in store for this year's Rip the Elwood.

Why did you want to start hosting skate events?  

  I have always wanted to start an action sports business, but over the years have found out how difficult they can be to keep alive.  Hosting an event seems to be a way to dip my toes in the industry without too much risk. I've been wanting to be a lighthouse for the scene for a few years now but never really had the time, money or know-how.   With Rob moving to California, and my current family role as a stay-at-home-DAD, I felt like it's my time to give back and to do my part in continuing the high fives and positive vibes.  So much of my local skate scene has grown up and/or moved away and there is a growing void in local participation. 

My plan is to remedy that with events, people will TRAVEL from afar for events... I'm overwhelmingly compelled to give back to the community that has given me so much; the road trips, the new and old friendships, the camaraderie, the good vibes, the experience with different setups in different conditions and the knowledge of new spots to skate.  I'm SUPER nervous about hosting my first event but I think it's a pretty lit event and hope that I can piggy-back off of, and add to, its past success.  It is my biggest dream right now that Rip the Elwood 7 's community turn out is bigger and better than ever.  It's my turn to keep the stoke alive and am doing all I can to make it a great success.  If all goes well, you can be sure that I will be hosting more events in new places in the near future.  

Daddy Dave having a blast at Rip the Elwood

Why should we come to Rip the Elwood 7?  What can we expect and what's going to be different?

You should come to The Elwood because its gonna be a RIP!  

1) The park is perfect for different discipline events, so there's something there for every style of rider

2) It's mild enough that groms and noobs won't DIE.

3) It's WILD enough that experienced riders can still push their limits and have a good time


Some of the things that will be different this year are:

1) I'm going to hold a Steezy-est photo contest with a cash prize of $100 for after the event.  Anyone can enter. The Finalists will be voted on by the community and the winner will be chosen by the Faceplant board-riders Team. 

                - The Steezy-est photo will be used next year as the cover photo for the event.

                - We will promote the photographer credited with the photo

                - A lifesize cutout of the rider will also be used at next year's event and will be given to the rider

2) We have a lifesize cutout of WILL STEPHAN that people can take pictures with

3) I'm reaching out to over 40 sponsors this year and everything and anything I get will go back to the people!  

                -extra cash= cash prizes 

                - Extra swag and gear =  you don't have to place top 3 in an event to walk away with some dope gear.


1) Trophies - One of a Kind WOODEN Wheelrz wheels Designed and made By JACOB FUNK

2) T-Shirts -  Art Designed by everyones fave skate Mom, SUZAN KNOTT

3) VINYL STICKERS! - Everyone's Favorite, Custom vinyl stickers from PARRISH WALKER

Where do you see longboarding in 10 years and what's your part going to be in that?

I see the sport thriving in the next decade.  People say the scene is dying. I disagree, I think it's just kind of stuck.  Participation rises and falls in correlation with the interest of the people participating.  The scene is suffering from a lack of NEW participants. People grow out of things and skateboarding is something most young people will grow out of.  When this happens, just like any business, you need new customers to continue being in business.  So, I do what I can to attract new "customers" to the sport. 

My hope is that in 10 years the scene will be growing strong.  I hope to be watching the people I've inspired skating at the top of their game, watching their growth brings me happiness.  I hope more boarders step up to the plate locally and make an impact in their own scene.  If everyone who skated got a couple people interested and skating with them, the scene would thrive.  While it may wax and wane as everything in life does, It will never Die.  My dream is that I will have success in hosting small events and can work my way up to hosting larger, more serious events as well.  who knows, maybe in 10 years I'll be holding skate the cape 17!  Whatever I do, I hope to have a larger part in the industry.  if I had a million dollars I'd open an action sports complex.  I truly love boardsports that much.   You're supposed to love your work, and I hope to be working more in the industry.

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