Mini Stick
  • Mini Stick


    Specs: Length~29.75", Width~6.5", Wheelbase~21.5", Construction~12 plies premium baltic birch with FB06E fiberglass laminate


    Flex Rating(1=stiff – 10=flexible): 1


    Technical Overview & Shredability: The Mini Stick is such a fun ride, and surprisingly comfortable for such a small shape. The board is fairly stiff throughout and has slight forward camber, a solid kicktail, and the perfect feel for pumping the board up to speed.  It’s a solid board that you can use and abuse everyday, anywhere! This deck is small, lightweight, and compact making it so easy to tote around so you always have it ready to shred!

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    • Testimony

      “If I could only ever have one ride it would be the mini stick, if you can't have a good session on it- in any terrain- you're just not open minded enough. It's endless fun with a shape that pays homage to the origins of surf inspired skating and I learn something new every time I jump on it.” –Tucker McGrath

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