Rocker Pintail
  • Rocker Pintail


    Specs: Length~39", Width~9.5", Wheelbase~29", Construction~9 plies premium baltic birch with FB66E Fiberglass Sandwich Construction


    Flex Rating (1=stiff – 10=flexible): 5


    Technical Overview: This deck has a mellow concave throughout the standing platform, the nose is turned up which adds control in your turns, and we gave it a kicktail making the board rockered throughout. The Rocker Pintail is lightweight, and it has the perfect amount of flex.

    • Details

      Shredability: The Rocker Pin is a board that truly anyone can ride. It delivers an extremely smooth ride, and is also one of the easiest boards you will ever push because it is lightweight, low to the ground and has some snappy flex which allows you to pump and glide when you ride.