Shradical Surfer
  • Shradical Surfer


    Specs: Length~38", Width~9.875", Wheelbase~24", Tail~8”, Nose~7”, Construction~ 9 plies premium baltic birch with FB44E Fiberglass Sandwich Construction

    Flex Rating(1=stiff – 10=flexible): 3

    Technical Overview: The Shradical Surfer has a solid kicktail, concaved deck, and a turned up nose. The front truck is set back from the nose making shuvits, nollies, and nose manuals a breeze. There is plenty of room in the standing platform to set your feet in place and stay locked in. The shorter wheelbase makes this a very maneuverable board.

    • Details

      Shredability: This longboard is simply SHRADICAL and has become one of our most popular longboards!!! You can get as technical as you want on it anywhere you want. Whether you are rippin’ through the streets, sidewalks, and promenades or shreddin’ your favorite park, this board will deliver a smooth, predictable ride. You can lay down plenty of hard carves and throw some heavy hacks on the Shradical Surfer too! This deck can’t help but make your riding stylish!

      “The Shradical doesn't surf pavement, it positively shreds it.” –Ricky Wheeler (FB Owner/Rider)