Sidewalk Surfer
  • Sidewalk Surfer


    Specs: Length~36", Width~8.5", Wheelbase~26.5", Construction~9 plies premium baltic birch with FB44E Fiberglass Sandwich Construction


    Flex Rating(1=stiff – 10=flexible): 7


    Technical Overview: The Sidewalk Surfer is a flexible deck with forward camber and a nicely flared kicktail. It is very lightweight with a classic squash tail. The natural design of the Sidewalk Surfer makes it easy to keep your feet set which make for an effortless ride.

    • Details

      Shredability: This is a popular Faceplant Boardriders longboard that was designed to ride like a surfboard. It has an amazing surf-like feel to the ride. You can pump it through flat sections all day long and kick out some hack slides with the tail just like you are shredding a wave.

      “We built this shape while trying to figure out the perfect balance between length, width, and wheelbase that would make it feel a lot like being on a surfboard (a shortboard of course). This shape hit the mark! The Concrete’s Barrelin’ 24/7 so go make your own waves on the Sidewalk Surfer.” -Rob Wheeler (Faceplant Boardriders Owner/Rider)