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King of King's Gap: Rob's Rad Recap

The event that almost didn't happen was a huge success this past weekend with over 50 riders racing down the long scenic Kings Gap Road. Heats of 6 riders charged downhill while negotiating slippery road conditions early in the morning which took out many competitors. The top 3 riders from each race would move onto the next round.

Photo by Dave Gammon (

A racer crashes in the straw bales around turn 2 while Gary Enright speeds away. Photo by Dave Gammon (

The open division was led by Pennsylvania's own Scott Hurdleston who finished first in nearly all of his heats, including the finals. Stim Trucks rider/owner, Gary Enright was tough to beat as he made his way to the finals and placed 2nd overall. Leunam Segure fought his way into the finals and made it onto the Podium in 3rd place.

Racer Scott Hurdleston leads the finals to the finish line. Photo by Dave Gammon (

1st- Scott Hurdleston

2nd- Gary Enright

3rd- Leunam Segure

Open DH Podium. Photo by Dave Gammon (

The junior division(17 and under) had 6 registered riders so we did a 3 race point system, all 6 riders raced together in 3 runs, 1st place got 5 points, 2nd place got 4 points and so on. Ohio rider Troy Dycus dominated the Juniors, winning each of the 3 races. PA local, Hayden Knott placed 3rd in his first race and then fought back to take 2nd in the last 2 races, clinching 2nd overall. Rian Ciano just made 3rd place with 8 points, Ben Brown was close behind with 7 points.

Troy Dycus leading the pack after turn 2. Photo by Dave Gammon (

1st- Troy Dycus

2nd- Hayden Knott

3rd- Rian Ciano

Junior DH Podium. Photo by Dave Gammon (

The grueling uphill Push Race presented by Carve 4 Cancer Foundation ended the competition Saturday. 2014 winner "Charles" yet again took 1st place with a strong pace that no one could match. Close on his heels was 1st place downhill rider Scott Hurdleston. Finishing off the podium was event host, Rob Wheeler. We raised $150 for the carve for cancer foundation!

1st- Charles

2nd- Scott Hurdleston

3rd- Rob Wheeler

Push Podium. Photo by Dave Gammon (

Big thanks to all the riders that signed up and saved this event from the July 28th deadline. Aaron and Birdie from Funtastik Boardshop were a huge help running the event and making sure we finished on time. Thanks to our sponsors who helped fund this event - Stim Trucks, NoBull and Bethesda Boards. Thanks to Otang, Loaded, Carve4Cancer Foundation, Organic Hogwash, & Funtastik for all the prizes. Thank you photographers for all the rad pictures and memories! Thanks to all the volunteers and Faceplant Boardriders for making this event happen! See you at the next Faceplant event or King of Kings Gap 2018!

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