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Rider Spotlight: Jesse King

Jesse rode for Faceplant back in the day and still shreds the same Lard I gave him over 5 years ago. Like many longboarders he took a sabbatical but is back on board and we are stoked to have him back! His street skills blend so well with his downhill longboarding style. We are excited to see what he can do this year on the team again!

How did you start skateboarding/longboarding?

My Brother introduced me to Skateboarding at a young age and I thought the tricks he was doing were incredible!! Knew from the first time I stepped on a board I wanted to get good.

What do you do for work? How do you balance work and play? I work full time as a tech services associate at Staples.. it pays the bills. I try to get a session in everyday after work weather its the parks or streets!

Where do you want to see longboarding in the future? Hopefully bigger than its ever been!! I'd love to see the younger generation start going down hills and freeride, don't see too many out here!!

What is your favorite longboard event and why? I'd have to say my favorite is the first one I ever went to up in Philly. Placed second and met some really rad people there! It was also a charity event so most of the profits were sent to Saint Jude.

Tell us about that session or moment that made you want to really pursue longboarding as more than just a hobby? I knew longboarding was more than just a hobby when I didn't wanna do anything else but skate.. not go to school/gym/hang out with friends just wanted to be mobbing down hills or at the park 24/7

Coffee, tea or energy drink? What wakes you up in the morning? Coffee in the morning and the occasional energy drink mid day, never skip my coffee tho!

What would be your superpower and why? Super Speed .. who needs a car when u can run the speed of light ?? Hell, Skate the speed of light !!

If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live? Why? Anywhere with a beautiful view and HILLS .. maybe NC or CA if I had to pick

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